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    Turkish beach towel

    25,00 kr 50,00 kr
    Stykpris  pr. 

    Introducing our Turkish Beach Towel - the perfect blend of style and functionality!

    Material: Made with 60% cotton and 40% polyester, our towels are soft, comfortable, and eco-friendly.

    Size: Measuring 100x180cm, these towels offer ample coverage for all your needs.

    Advantages: With quick-dry technology and high absorbency, they are perfect for the beach, sports, spa, face, and more!

    Features: Soft, lightweight, and portable, they are your ideal companion for any outdoor activity.

    Versatility: Suitable for home, hotel, pool, office - wherever you go, these towels fit right in!

    Durability: Enjoy long-lasting performance with these soft and extremely absorbent towels.

    Upgrade your bathing and beach experiences with our versatile Turkish Beach Towel. Whether you need a bath towel, hotel spa towel, or a sports towel, we've got you covered!