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    Neck Cloud - Cervical Traction Device

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    Struggling with neck pain, TMJ and tension headaches?

    The Neck Cloud will eliminate neck pain in just 10 minutes a day,  or your money back guaranteed!

    Benefits - 


    Neck Saving Benefits

    - Instant Pain Relief from chronic neck pain, TMJ and tension headache, drastically improves posture

    - Increase of nutrient rich blood to neck area

    - Increase flexibility in neck and shoulder region

    - Reduces impact of chronic problems

    Professionally Recommended To Treat Neck Pain


    Naturally Eliminate Neck Pain

    If you’re reading this, chances are you spend at least 6 hours a day stuck in front of your computer, phone or TV. 

    The result? Your neck is stiff, sore and painful.

    Long-term, this can lead to more serious issues like arthritis, a reliance on pain killers and in some cases, high-risk surgery.

    Using the power of cervical traction, the Neck Cloud reverses neck damage which will eliminate your neck pain, TMJ and tension headaches in just 10 minutes a day.

    Breakthrough Discovery

    You’ve probably tried several other neck pain products that promise the world and fail to deliver. And, I’m here to tell you it is not your fault that you’re still in pain.

    Those other neck devices usually target one element of neck pain relief.

      This is great in providing short-term relief, but does not fix the underlying root cause of neck pain.

    After three years of prototypes and 30 lacs spent in laboratory testing, we stumbled upon the breakthrough combination of:


    Sub-occipital muscle stimulation

    -The three-way system of cervical traction

    Targeting all three elements of neck pain was the secret sauce that results in the instant relief of chronic neck pain

    78% More Effective In Eliminating Pain

    This breakthrough combination causes the deep muscles in the neck to reset and return to a relaxed state.

    Then, the three-way system of cervical traction allows compressed discs to open and relax.

    This combination:

    - relieves pressure on pinched nerves,

    - decompresses discs,

    - improves posture

    - and floods the neck area with nutrient and oxygen rich blood.

    The result is instant relief from chronic neck pain, TMJ and headache, and a device 78% more effective than the leading competitor. 

    With consistent use damage is reversed, providing long-lasting relief from neck pain.

    Damage Reversing

    When muscles are stressed and contracted, they choke off their own blood supply, causing damage and impacting their ability to heal. 

    When you use the Neck Cloud, it causes a release in muscular tension and a flood of nutrient rich blood to the neck and shoulder area.

    This aids in recovery and can reverse significant damage to the neck region. This results in long term relief from neck pain and muscular soreness.

    The Perfect Stretch Every Time

    The Neck Cloud has two levels, the convex side provides a reduced amount of traction and is ideal for someone with severe neck pain and a poor range of motion.

    The concave side provides the greatest stretch and is perfect for more advanced users.

    Professionally Designed & Recommended

    Chiropractors and massage therapists aren’t always in arms reach.

    The Neck Cloud has been designed and recommended by chiropractors as an effective way to get pain relief when you need it most.

    For less than 1/5of the cost of one therapist treatment, you can get results that last a lifetime.